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Tattoo as body modification is with humans from an ancient times. So its not a surprise if you are thinking about tattooing. Or you just need some inspiration or ideas? In any case we are here for you. is the best source of unique tattoo articles, news or just inspirational images. All you need to know about tattooing in one place. If you are completely new in the world of tattooing you can also check its definition on wikipedia.

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(14)collarbone (7)color (157)compass (9)constellation (10)cousin (2)Covid (2)crab (4)crane (4)cross (5)crow (3)crown (5)crown of thorns (5)Cthulhu (3)cursive (1)cute (23)dagger (8)dahlia (3)dark (1)Darth Vader (3)death head moth (2)deathly hallows (5)death moth (6)delicate (1)demon (4)design (6)dia de los muertos (5)dice (7)dinosaur (11)disney (1)dolphin (11)dotwork (30)dragon (27)dragonfly (5)eagle (5)ear (4)Egypt (18)elbow (1)elephant (5)elf (1)evil (1)evil eye (6)eye (1)face (1)faith hope love (5)falcon (6)falling (1)family tree (7)female (95)feminine (2)filigree (6)finger (1)fingers (14)fish (10)fish hook (5)flame (8)flash (1)fleur de lis (3)floral (1)flower (141)flying (1)foo dog (6)foot (13)forearm (159)forehead (1)forest (5)fox (6)frog (3)fruit (13)full leg (16)gaara (4)galaxy (1)gallery (63)ganesha (5)gangster (2)gardenia (4)gargoyle (4)garter (4)gemini (3)geometric (34)gladiator (14)gladiolus (5)Greek mythology (48)Guns and Roses (3)half sleeve (7)Halloween (1)hamsa (7)hand (39)hannya (1)hawk (7)heart (9)heartbeat (8)hello kitty (5)henna (3)Hercules (3)hermit (1)history (4)honeycomb (5)honey pot (3)honeysuckle (5)Horus (1)hot (5)hourglass (7)hummingbird (7)hydrangea (5)i am enough (5)Icarus (5)idea (138)igy6 (4)im fine save me (3)intimate (6)Iron Maiden (3)Iron Man (3)ivy (1)ivy tattoo (4)jaguar (6)japanese (34)jellyfish (3)jester (5)joe cool (1)joker card (4)July birth (1)just breathe (4)kanji (1)king (3)king of hearts (3)kiss (1)knee (1)knuckle (4)koi fish (7)La Catrina (4)lace (1)lady (1)ladybug (15)Lady Justice (3)larkspur (6)laser (2)last supper (4)lavender (7)leaf (7)leg (42)lemon (3)leo (3)let it be (3)lettering (93)libra (4)lightning (11)lightning bolt (5)lily of the valley (4)lion (2)lion and lamb (4)lips (5)lizard (4)logo (1)lotus (11)love (1)lower back (3)Lucifer (1)madonna (9)male (103)mandala (15)manta ray (4)maori (5)mariachi (1)marigold (5)mask (4)mathing (1)meaning (140)meaningful (24)medical (1)Medusa (19)meliodas (1)memento mori (7)men (81)mermaid (2)Metallica (3)Michael Myers (4)military (3)minimalist (36)molon labe (5)monarch butterfly (4)moon (11)moon phases (6)morning glory (3)moth (7)mouse (3)mushroom (3)my brothers keeper (6)name (1)nautical star (3)neck (12)Nefertiti (3)negative space (6)neotraditional (7)no love (2)octopus (1)old school (5)olive branch (5)oni mask (7)orca (4)oriental (4)origami (1)ouroboros (7)outline (1)owl (5)palm (4)palm tree (3)paper airplane (4)patch (2)peacock (5)pelican (3)pentagram (3)Pharaoh (4)phoenix (15)pineapple (3)pine tree (7)pinky promise (6)pisces (3)pizza (4)plague doctor (6)plumeria (3)polar (1)polar bear (3)polynesian (2)Polynesian turtle (1)pomegranate (3)Poseidon (7)praying hands (7)praying mantis (3)prison (2)psychology (1)pubic (2)Punisher (4)puzzle piece (5)quote (1)ra eye (5)ram (2)rat (5)realistic (46)religious (61)removal (2)ribs (19)ring (1)risks (1)rosary (8)rose (31)sagittarius (1)samurai (15)samurai mask (3)San Judas (6)scale (3)Scooby Doo (3)Scorpio (5)seahorse (1)semicolon (1)Sepultura (1)serotonin (3)sexy (6)shadow (1)shamrock (3)shark (6)shenron (4)shooting star (5)shoulder (54)side (7)silhouette (1)simple (62)skull (12)Slayer (1)sleeve (13)small (101)snake (19)snoopy (4)solar system (1)space (1)sparrow (5)spartan helmet (5)spider (4)spider lily (5)Spiderman (5)spider net (9)spine (2)SPQR (1)starfish (2)stars (16)Star Wars (3)sticker (3)still i rise (5)St Michael (6)style (14)sun (8)sun and moon (1)sunflower (7)supernatural (3)swallow (6)sweet pea (4)sword (8)symbol (125)T-Rex (5)tattoo (143)taurus (3)tear (1)temporary (3)thigh (30)this too shall pass (5)thunderbird (4)tiger (3)tongue (2)Totoro (4)traditional (51)trash polka (3)tree (24)trefoil (2)trending (4)triangle (5)tribal (18)tribal black sun (3)triceps (2)trident (3)triforce (5)triskele (3)trust no one (7)tulip (6)turtle (3)unalome (6)unique (1)valknut (4)vegvisir (1)veni vidi vici (5)viking (1)vine (6)violet (4)Virgin Mary (6)virgo (2)voodoo doll (3)vulture (3)warrior (9)watercolor (30)waterfall (3)wave (4)Wendigo (4)we the people (5)whole arm (11)whole leg (10)wildflower (6)willow tree (2)wings (2)winnie the pooh (4)wolf (10)womb (3)women (78)wrist (28)xo (4)Yellow Fish (2)yggdrasil (5)yin yang (6)zelda (1)Zeus (7)zodiac (31)