Meaning of praying hands tattoo and some examples

Praying hands are a symbol of faith associated with religious belief. Meaning the tattoo of praying hands is a sign of faith, hope, peace, devotion, trust and love.

Actually, a praying hands tattoo can have many meanings today. Sometimes it is done as a prayer to remember a family member or friend who has died.

Some people get a praying hands tattoo because they feel that it will help them to rise up out of a deep depression.

No matter what the specific reason for getting one is, the general reason is religious belief and comfort.

Praying hands tattoos can be combined with phrases or dates. For example, an excerpt from a prayer, a proverb or something important to you. At the same time, a rosary, Bible, dove of peace, rays of light, roses or a cross are often added.

As you can see, here are some beautiful ideas for your tattoo: