Lightning tattoo meaning

Lightning is often used as an analogy for emotions such as fear, admiration, clarity, inspiration and creativity. This is because we feel it as a primal force, like our basic emotions and instincts. In addition, the fleeting nature of lightning makes it a great symbol of simple desires.

Many mythological explanations for lightning have been found since the time of primitive man. In ancient times, it has its roots in the Slavic God Perun, the Greek God Zeus, the ancient Roman Thunderer and the Indian Manita.
We can summarise the meaning of a flash tattoo in the following few words: fertility, unlimited power, and an inexhaustible energy source.

The nations of North America see it as an embodied symbol of the Great Spirit, expressed as lightning.
Semitic traditions suggest, that God himself, descends in a mighty way to the earth and does his justice.
People professing Christianity associate the symbol with heavenly punishment and the presence of God in earthly affairs. Buddhism attaches importance to the power of inspiration and spiritual power.

A tattoo of lightning escaping from behind a cloud speaks of divine intervention in a person’s life.

A pure flash without other attributes means a person’s spiritual strength, strength and endurance.

The zigzag shape carries the meaning of fertility, endless energy, thirst for life, victory over passions and evil, faith in Higher Powers and supernatural protection.