Meaning of Poseidon tattoo

Poseidon is the god of the sea, one of the most important gods in mythology, who constantly fought with his brother Zeus. Assertive, courageous, self-confident, and somewhat imposing.

All this indicates that Poseidon’s tattoo has no ambiguous interpretations. This image symbolizes strength, the ability to endure any difficulties, achieve your goals, and, if necessary, defeat enemies on the spot. This means that such an image is especially popular among men.
To a greater extent, such a tattoo is a powerful talisman for those connected with the sea. People can be sailors, fishermen, travellers, divers, and surfers. They spend much time at sea, so Poseidon’s favour will not hurt them.

And if suddenly a girl wants to use such a tattoo, it will not look strange. A strong, purposeful, self-sufficient woman who does not give up on difficulties and relies only on herself will want to get such a tattoo.

Of course, Poseidon’s irreplaceable companion is the trident, which is why it is almost always present in the picture, regardless of the style chosen. As Poseidon is the lord of the seas, it is extremely rare that he is depicted as a separate figure. Sea waves are usually next to him, and even clouds and lightning are shown. At the same time, a ship, a lighthouse, a shark or a dolphin are often depicted next to Poseidon.
Most often, such images are visible on the hand. But in most cases, the plot takes up the whole sleeve. Poseidon can be at the top with a trident, and under him is the ship – in the waves of the sea.

Usually, when depicting Poseidon, attention is paid to his flowing hair and facial features and his well-traceable muscular body. Therefore, sometimes such an image on a tattoo is associated with sexuality.

Whole arm and back are considered equally popular places for Poseidon tattoos, which we can also see in the tattoos below: