Best tattooers and their tattoos III part

Welcome to the third installment of our journey into the world of tattoos, “Best Tattooers Part III.” In this edition, we delve into the works of some of the most remarkable tattoo artists from around the globe. Each artist brings a unique flair to their craft, whether it be through intricate black ink designs, gentle watercolor strokes, or vivid cubist patterns. From the mysterious allure of Ian Levin’s black ink masterpieces to the playful geometric shapes of Sasha from Russia, this collection showcases a diverse array of talents and styles. Let’s explore these artists and their stunning works, offering a glimpse into the vast and colorful world of tattoo artistry.

Ian Levin, Ukraine

The artist uses only black ink to create spectacular designs. There is something mysterious and scary about his projects. He creates projects that will amaze everyone. Its design is ideal for those tattoo lovers who want to create patterns that will attract everyone’s attention. Here are some of his best works.


Seoeon, South Korea

Seoyeon’s tattoos are so gentle and discreet. His tattoo is like a breath of fresh air, and his artistic language is full of challenging and complex designs. We’ll leave some of his tattoos here.

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David Hale, EE.UU

David Hale’s works are very decorative and have a folk colour. The designs of these tattoos are impressive and will catch the eye of anyone who looks at them. Here are some of his works.


Kenji Alucky, Japan

This tattoo artist uses a unique dotting technique called grain or splattered. Geometric and tribal motifs are characteristic of his tattoo and demand that they be closer to the level of detail. Look at these fantastic tattoos.


Marcin Aleksandr, Poland

Surrealism is a hallmark of this fantastic Polish tattoo, and his drawings are incredible. His tattoos are characterized by elements of cubism and surrealism, and he uses many colours in his designs that attract attention. Here are some examples of these suggestions.


Madame Chän’s, Germany

Madame Chan has several different styles for her tattoos, although our favourites are her dream and chimerical tattoos. His drawings preserve thin lines and soft shadows reminiscent of watercolour strokes. Here are some of his tattoos.


Tattooer Mariusz, Trubisch

Mariusz is a tattoo artist who can paint tattoos and create vibrant tattoos. He creates tattoo designs that make a surreal dream world with cubist and multidimensional patterns and art. Almost like the cubism of artists like Picasso, it divides everyday images. It transforms them into vivid, vibrant and abstract tattoos like no other.


Ondras, Czech Republic

Ondrash is a tattoo artist becoming very popular for his watercolour aesthetic tattoos. His tattoo is characterized by its being performed with gentle and gentle strokes as if it were a stroke with a watercolour brush. He uses different colours to achieve his designs. Here are his best tattoos.


Sasha, Russia

This tattoo artist is characterized by creating clear drawings with prisms and the absence of edges that limit the shapes. Its design is naive and childish and combines geometric elements with bright, watercolour and rich colours. Here are some of their works so you can choose the ones you like best.


Emily Rose Murray, Australia

Australian tattoo artist Emily Rose Murray combines a distinctive aesthetic style with comics and excellent colour and shade processing. Here are some examples of such tattoos.


David Corden, Great Britain

This tattoo artist creates beautiful tattoos with lots of detail and a gloomy look. It is characterized by creating magnificent patterns that are striking for each person. Here are some of his beautiful tattoos.


Peter Aurisch, Germany

Peter is a tattoo artist who can combine different styles in each of his works, whether the aesthetics of watercolour, cubism or pencils and create beautiful tattoos for every taste. He is characterized by creating tattoos with perfect contrasts, geometric patterns and exciting surreal designs. Here are some of his best suggestions.



In “Best Tattooers Part III,” we’ve journeyed across continents, from Ukraine to Australia, discovering the extraordinary talents of various tattoo artists. Each artist, like Ian Levin with his eerie black ink designs, Seoeon’s delicate works, and Kenji Alucky’s unique dotting technique, brings something unique to the tattooing world. This rich tapestry of styles, from surrealism to folk art, underlines the incredible diversity and creativity inherent in the art of tattooing. As we conclude this exploration, we’re left with a deeper appreciation for the skill, imagination, and artistic expression that goes into every inked creation. Whether you’re a tattoo enthusiast or simply an admirer of art, the works of these artists are sure to inspire and captivate.