Tattoo safety

In today’s article we’ll discuss tattoo safety. The process of getting a tattoo hurts because it involves tiny needles penetrating your skin. When the needle penetrates the skin it injects ink into the third layer. Before getting a tattoo, common sense and a bit of safety should be a priority consideration.

Tattoo artist tattooing arm
Tattoo safety should be your first consideration

A common fear, when getting a tattoo, is contracting the HIV virus. It’s not the only virus that can be transmitted via tattooing, however it’s one of the most feared. Other viruses are: staph, tuberculosis, syphilis, hepatitis and so on. The only thing needed to obtain one of these is a mere dirty needle.

It may look harmless, but tattooing can be dangerous if done wrongly. It may be dangerous, but there are ways you are able to minimize the risk. Tattoo artists have to comply with and extremely strict code of conduct to ensure no such deadly diseases can be transmitted.

Professionals use special machinery to sterilize their tools. Steam pressure autoclave is used to sterilize their guns and needles. Alcohol nor bleach don’t sterilize the equipment, they’re instead used to prep the appliances. The alcohol and bleach treatment is done before the autoclave, after being prepped the tools are then put into the autoclave.

While tattooing, tattoo artists should always wear disposable rubber gloves. Anything that helps to spread the ointment should be disposable as well. If you walk into a studio and the floors are not clean and the tattoo area looks like a teenagers room, you should just turn around and leave.

Tattoo artist creating a black and grey tattoo on the hand
Tattoo artist creating a black and grey tattoo on the hand

Before starting the procedure, your tattoo artist should open the needle bag in-front of you and he should dip the needles into a cup where a portion of the coloring is. If he uses ink straight out of the bottle you are probably sharing fluids with other humans.

Safety should always be the number one priority while doing anything. As we mentioned in the beginning it is especially important with tattoos as you could contract a life-threatening disease or a vulgar infection. Before getting a tattoo at any parlor you should inquire about the safety measures and check yourself if it looks clean. If you do end up getting a tattoo at a unsanitary studio you just may end up with a wee problem.

Arm samurai tattoo
Arm samurai tattoo