5 Popular tattoo designs

Tattoos are no longer a rarity these days. You have tons of tattoo designs to choose from, providing ample material to find what you’re looking for. Their popularity has reached an all-time high. Likely, every 1 in 4 people you meet has a tattoo. Below, we list the popular tattoo designs.

If you search for the most popular designs, you will undoubtedly find tribal tattoos topping the list. Tattoo artists have implemented tribal designs for hundreds of years. These designs have evolved, becoming extremely complex. Typical tribal tattoos are black and often cover an arm or a leg. However, a different style, colorful and covering a larger body area, is swiftly gaining popularity.

Tribal black sun tattoo on the right hand

“Old school” styles also enjoy popularity. Sailor tattoos like anchors are gaining notoriety, appealing not only to sailors. These styles first gained popularity in the 60s and are making a comeback, with both males and females choosing anchor and swallow designs.

Black Anchor tattoo with a compass and a boat on the right chest

Lower back tattoos are the most common for women. They carry a sexual meaning, as the lower back is a sensual area. Designs frequently include dragons, flowers, and animals, with tribal designs being the most popular. The lower back’s natural curve makes it an ideal tattoo spot, allowing for creative designs. Expanding the tribal design to cover the hips is a common practice.

Color womans tattoo of roses on the lower back

Dragon tattoos are another popular choice. They have risen and fallen in popularity over time and are now making a comeback. With a variety of mythical dragons, the design possibilities are endless. The best spot for a male’s dragon tattoo is the chest, while women often choose the back. These designs vary in size and shape.

Black dragon tattoo for woman on the right side of the body

People of Celtic heritage often favor Celtic tattoos, but anyone can choose them. They offer many symbols and designs with universal meanings and are frequently combined with tribal tattoos for a more innovative design.

Celtic tattoo of a crows fighting


There’s an abundant source of tattoo designs out there, and these are some of the most common. Tattoos allow for great innovation and creativity. If you’re looking for something special but unsure how to proceed, a tattoo artist can always create a design for you.