Best tatters and their tattoos II

Welcome to ‘Best tatters II’, a captivating journey into the world of ink and artistry. In this edition, we delve into the lives and works of some of the most talented and innovative tattoo artists from around the globe. Each artist brings their unique style and vision, transforming the human body into a canvas of breathtaking designs. From the intricate black and grey shades of Uruguay’s Victor Portugal to the vibrant, watercolor-like creations of New York’s Amanda Wachob, this collection is a testament to the diversity and creativity in the world of tattooing. Join us as we explore these masterpieces and the minds behind them.

Victor Portugal, Uruguay

This artist has his own style and exhibits extraordinary artistic richness. Notably, his black and grey tattoos are impressive, featuring many details and great creativity. Consequently, here are some examples of the best tattoos from him.


Amanda Wachob, New York

Moreover, Amanda Wachobová’s work is incredible, and she has a perfect painting technique akin to the watercolour technique. Therefore, here are a few examples of this particular tattoo artist so you can get inspired by them and get a tattoo that suits you.


George Mavridis, Greece

Additionally, George Mavridis is a great Greek tattoo artist who possesses many techniques and a portfolio brimming with art that will surprise you. His styles are clear and solid, realistic yet they also boast fantastic, colourful, and unique features. Hence, here are some examples of these particular tattoos.

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Robert Hernandez, Poland

Furthermore, there are several impressive tattooers in Central Europe, including Robert Hernandez. This artist specializes in fantastic realism and is an expert in black and grey. His drawings are complex and very sinister. Accordingly, here are some of his best works.


Haim Makhlev, Germany

Similarly, Haim Makhlev is known for his point-to-line tattoos and is a great creator of geometric tattoos that captivate everyone’s attention. His tattoos, mostly made of black ink, are very sharp and showcase high detail that will surprise everyone. Here are some of his designs.


Alice Carrier, Portland

Lastly, Alice Carrier is renowned for creating vintage tattoos with floral elements that amaze everyone. His projects draw inspiration from natural history, abandoned gardens, witchcraft, and herbalism. Here are some of his best works.



In conclusion, ‘Best tatters II’ has taken us on an inspiring journey through the diverse realms of tattoo artistry. We’ve witnessed the unique styles and techniques of some of the world’s most renowned tattoo artists, each contributing to the rich tapestry of this art form. Their work not only adorns skin but also tells stories, evokes emotions, and pushes the boundaries of creativity. As we close this edition, we are left with a deeper appreciation for the skill and passion that drives these artists. Until the next chapter, may these incredible artworks continue to inspire and captivate tattoo enthusiasts and art lovers alike.