Rules for good price of tattoo

Once you choose a design, the next challenging decision is the budget. Tattoos typically come with a high price tag. Larger designs can reach thousands of dollars. After identifying studios within your budget, your decision-making process isn’t over yet. You must consider several key factors.

Biomechanical tattoo on the whole upper body

The cost of the tattoo often becomes the most crucial question after the design. Despite high prices, tattoos remain accessible. People usually save up beforehand, financially preparing for the expense. With an average job, saving enough for a tattoo might only take a few months. When the time comes to get your desired tattoo, you’ll be well-prepared and might even have extra funds.

In the tattoo world, money can buy anything if you’re willing to spend. Custom designs by tattoo artists can cost between 30 to 250 dollars per hour. Commissioning a unique design will cost more. The tattoo’s price correlates with its size, and specific body placements can significantly increase the cost. For example, a full back tattoo might cost around 15,000 dollars!

3D Black tattoo of a bear and nature on the back

Before committing to a studio, it’s wise to explore all available options, compare prices, and inspect designs. Prioritize safety and cleanliness in the studio. Once you find a hygienic studio, assess the artist’s friendliness. Never compromise on quality for price; cheaper studios might offer similar designs, but the quality may not match that of more expensive ones.

Despite catching a cheaper studio, you should never rush to get a tattoo strictly for a cheap price. A cheap tattoo may sound good, yes, but as with everything else, the price many times indicates the quality. High price not only indicates quality work, but usually better hygienic standards.

Man making a tattoo on the hand

After everything is done, you have chosen your studio and got your tattoo, a tip to your tattoo artist is always going to be appreciated.If you’re treated exceptionally and you’re content with the work, you should return the favor and give your tattoo artist a tip. As a small token of appreciation. Tattooing for hours on end is grueling and painstaking work for both of you.