Tattoo risks to beware of

Tattoo risks - infected tattoo on the hand

The most of the time tattoos are applied without problems but still there are tattoo risks you need to beware of. Although you may believe you are safe, simply there is no space to ignore risks involved with getting a tattoo. Tattoo artists may tell you that there are no risks involved – but this need not be a case.

The biggest thing to worry about when getting a tattoo is unhygienic equipment. You have a high probability of getting some disease in the cases when tattooing tools are not cleaned and disinfected after each use. When tattoo gun is not clean you can get serious skin disease. It is not enough just for equipment to be clean. Also the tattoo studio has to be clean. When studio has lot of customers it can get dirty very quickly. It means studio has to be cleaned regularly – basically on a daily basis.

Tattoo artist creating a black and grey tattoo on the hand
Tattoo artist creating a black and grey tattoo on the hand

In the cases when you notice any swelling or excessive redness around the tattoo, it’s time to visit a doctor to ensure that tattoo is not infected. In most cases, tattoo infections can be treated with medicine. In the cases when the infection is severe, you may be admitted to the hospital for further treatments. In the more severe cases, to prevent further infection, your tattoo may need to be removed. As tattoos are removed surgically additional risks are involved too.

Procedure of removing the tattoo can be performed as an out patient surgery or a surgery which requires a minimal stay in the hospital. The surgeon or physician will determine the removal, based on your health and overall chances of developing an infection. In most cases, tattoo removal is safe, with most patients given medicine that will treat infections and prevent any type of pain.

Although you should be worried about the health risks, one of the biggest concerns should be the appearance of the tattoo. When tattoos are done by amateurs in some cases results can be a disaster. You are getting tattoos for a life so how tattoo looks is very important. Even when the tattoo is removed, in most cases you will have a scar. As time passes most of the scars will be less visible but they will never disappear and you will have a reminder of a failed tattoo for a life.

Failed tattoo on the neck
Failed tattoo on the neck

When you decide to get a tattoo and choose a tattoo studio, invest some time to ensure that tattoo studio is clean. Ask them questions, and make sure that the tattoo artists clean the equipment they use. Usually if you spend some time in the studio you can get a good feeling how they do business and how they take care about cleanliness. If the studio appears to be clean and tidy, the most usually you don’t have to worry about equipment and possible infections.

As usually when you want to do something in life, you have to make a decision. When considering a tattoo, firstly be sure you understand the reasons why you are getting it, how would you feel about it in the future, and if you can imagine yourself with a tattoo. Before visiting tattoo artist and getting the tattoo be sure you are getting the tattoo because you want it. Never get a tattoo just because somebody else suggested it.

The most common questions about tattooing
The most common questions about tattooing

Before you get your first tattoo, you should read these 14 tips about first tattoo. Whether it’s the choice of an artist, a study, the right design. Follow these tips to know what you can expect from your first tattoo experience. And after you get your first check how to take care of a tattoo.

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