First tattoo

Great. The first tattoo is a beautiful thing. But cheap impulsive tattoos? Not very much.

Before you get your first tattoo, you should read these 14 tips. Whether it’s the choice of an artist, a study, the right design. Follow these tips to know what you can expect from your first tattoo experience.

Tattoos fade

It doesn’t matter how much you take care of them, it’s just that. Skin layers are peeling over time, so the tattoo also fades. Prepare yourself that after a few years you will have to adjust your first tattoo, which costs more money.

Don’t give it up in the summer

Sun and water can damage the new tattoo. The best period for the first tattoo is spring and autumn.

If you are not sure give yourself a small tattoo

Of course, this is not the rule. When you are determined and chose a detailed pattern for the first tattoo that would not excel in a small design – go ahead! But if you’re afraid, not sure what you want, where you want it to look and if you identify with it, get a little tattoo. At least you’ll see how the skin will react to color and pain.

Color tattoo on the feet

First tattoo: Get ready

The process itself is painful. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, but it’s painful. The time spent in the chair depends on the size of the tattoo. You can sit in it for hours.

Make sure you’re healthy. Being drunk, having a hangover or sunburn is not a good idea, the pain will be much greater.

First tattoo: Take a survey

Okay, so you want a tattoo. What do you do? Will you go to the first tattoo studio you see? No, you do your own research. First you have to find the right studio and the right artist. When it comes to choosing the right store, you have to make sure it is clean. Certainly, you don’t want to get your first tattoo in a studio where hygiene isn’t right. The cleaner the studio, the less the risk of skin infection.

For tatters, look at their portfolios and find the style that you like and fits into your ideas. Do not be satisfied with the first one you see, do your own research, and look at the various studies until you find the right tatter.

Educate yourself

Don’t get tattoos that another 5,000 people have just because it is currently in. It is not original and, in a moment, it will be old to you and to the others. Dig a little deeper when you try to find the right design. Books are the right source and magazines even better.

In the magazines, only experienced artists usually publish their work, but if you want something really original, address an artist who can draw nicely and has a good imagination and he will create your own design. Then just bring this proposal to the tattoo artist. So, you can be sure that no one else will have the same tattoo.

Cartoon tattoo of Ducky dinosaur in the egg on the left leg

Too small of a tattoo

If your first tattoo is minimalist, then it’s about something else. But if you have a detailed and original tattoo, enlarge it. The larger the tattoo, the more details are visible. When you get a little tattoo and bunch up all the details, it looks bad.

In addition, a small tattoo does not age well. Over time, the lines overlap, the colors are merging, and quality deteriorates. The larger the tattoo, the better the visibility of the details over time.

First tattoo: Selecting a location

A tattoo is for life. Don’t put it in places that are likely to look different in a few years. Okay, now you may be in good shape, but it may happen that your belly grows or your muscles change shape. Also, the tattoo should copy the shape of the muscle to make it look smooth and nice.

It is also important that you choose a nice part of your body. Be self-critical. If you know that you have a nasty leg don’t give it a tattoo to highlight it. If you put it on a part of your body that you are happy with, others will rather notice your first tattoo and get away from your imperfection.

Mandala tattoo of a lotus flower on the left hand

Dressing style

Don’t get tattoos at any cost. Not everyone is the type to wear a tattoo. You may think that if you get a tattoo you will be more in. But if your tattoo does not match your style of dressing and lifestyle, you will achieve exactly the opposite effect.

The type of a tattoo is also important. If you dress rather romantic, you can’t get a punk tattoo. Yes, a lot of people do it.

Think over time

Would you like the same first tattoo in 15 or 35 years? Always ask this question.

The timeless design will surely survive longer than the phrase “forever young”. Overlapping a tattoo just because you are now ashamed of your present is quite expensive and useless and not always possible. Only really experienced tatters can do it. For the money you could put a new one somewhere else. Choose something that will be important to you, what you will love all your life. E.g. some symbol, your code you live by…

Potential work

If you were a boss and had two potential candidates for a new job, they would both have a suit, but one of them would be tattooed, which one would you give the seat to? Consider the job you see in a few years. If you’re an artist, you can get a tattoo where you want. But many jobs have limitations. Certainly, do not put tattoos in places that are usually not covered. E.g. neck, palms and the like.

Also, think of summer coming and you will wear short sleeves. Are you sure you do not have a job or will not have a future where you need to have these tattoos covered? You may not want to experience rejection, just because of poor contemporary judgment.

First tattoo: Have an open mind

Your tattoo artist knows more about tattoos than you do. He gets into contact with them every day and if he has any suggestion to change or improve your tattoo, it’s good to listen to him.

If you disagree with it, change the tattoo, but it’s in their interest to make the best tattoo for you. Finally, it is the result of their work.

Mandala tattoo on a leg


Good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good. Simply and simple. If you know a tatter who makes good tattoos at much lower prices than his competitors, he is likely to save on things that are not seen.

Properly cleaned equipment is expensive. Proper equipment is expensive. You’re not buying a TV or a microwave. Tattoos are one of the few things you buy for life.

Take time

When you decided today to get your first tattoo, don’t go do it the same week. You’re your time. Wait at least half a year or even a year.