Top 10 tips for your first tattoo

Thinking about your first tattoo? It’s cool, but don’t hurry. Before you make a final decision, you should study tattoos for a bit. In this article, you’ll find answers to basic questions you may be interested in.

Where it hurts the least and where the most

Everyone has a different pain threshold. In most cases, however, tattooing on the hands and thighs hurts the least. In these parts of the body, we have the most fat tissue and less nerve density. The most painful places are where there is a minimum of fat and very thin skin. Such are the ribs, feet, or around the sternum.

Man making a tattoo on the hand
Man making a tattoo on the hand

What happens to the skin during the tattoo

The ink enters and penetrates into the middle layer of skin called the dermis. The deposited pigment is too large for the white blood cells to dispose of, so it will remain permanently in the dermis.

How to prepare yourself for a tattoo

Before visiting a tattoo parlor you should take a shower or at least wash the body part you are going to beautify. Further hygiene steps are the responsibility of the studio. The room must be clean. They shave your skin and sterilize it to make sure it is completely sterile.

How long it takes for the tattoo to heal

Two weeks on average. However, it sometimes takes longer depending on the skin and the length of the operation.

Tattoo of a boat on a woman in a swimming suite
Tattoo of a boat on a woman in a swimming suite

How should you care about tattoos in the early days

Wash it twice a day three to four days after creation. A tattoo is more or less an open wound. Wipe it with a paper towel after washing. Do not use a towel as it may contain bacteria. After fifteen minutes, apply a moisturizer to the tattoo with clean hands. Do it in the morning and evening for the first two days. Less cream in this case is more. After the second day, apply cleaning lotion. Do not scratch at the tattoo site. Avoid sun and pools for two weeks. And finally, most importantly, if you want your tattoo to last for long years, you should always use sunscreen outdoors.

How often do tattoos need to be renewed

If there are no problems with the healing process, the tattoo can last for up to ten years. Of course, for people who are constantly in the sun, tattoos will fade faster. It needs to be renewed after years, because not only do you get older, but also the pigment in your skin does.

Blonde woman with color flower tattoo on the shoulder
Blonde woman with color flower tattoo on the shoulder

What is the best advice for those who are not sure if they want tattoos

Don’t do it until you wake up one day and say: I’m ready and I know what I want. It is a lifelong decision, do not go into it if you do not know what you want tattooed.