Sneak-peek of the oriental tattoo style

The oriental tattoo style unfurls its stories in a canvas of skin. It’s where history breathes through ink. We reveal 15 images to satisfy your curiosity. Thus begins our visual journey into this ancient artistry.

Oriental Tattoo Style: Dragons That Dance on Skin

Our first glimpse presents a dragon, its body a flowing calligraphy of power. Such tattoos resonate with myth, symbolizing wisdom and strength. Moreover, the precision of these dragons captivates the observer, weaving tales of ancient might.

Oriental tattoo of big dragon on the back
Oriental tattoo of a dragon on fire on the back
Oriental tattoo of a dragon with Sakura flowers on the right leg

Flora and Fauna: Delicate Symbols

Next, cherry blossoms and koi fish grace the canvas. They are symbols, blooming and swimming through life’s trials. These images are delicate yet profound, signifying beauty and perseverance, respectively. Furthermore, their representation in oriental ink speaks of deep cultural roots.

Oriental tattoo of a heron with flowers on the calf
Oriental tattoo of a decorated elephant on the left leg
Koi fish tattoo on the ribs

Oriental Tattoo Style: Geishas and Samurai

Geishas appear serene and mysterious, a testament to beauty and art. In contrast, the samurai stand ready, evoking respect and discipline. Moreover, these figures are iconic, embodying the soul of oriental aesthetics.

Oriental tattoo of geisha on the left calf
Oriental tattoo of a geisha with lots of flowers on the back
Oriental tattoo of geisha on the back

The oriental tattoo style weaves tales of heritage and mythology through its unique imagery. As we delve into the gallery, each image is a stanza of an unwritten poem.

Oriental tattoo of a devil head with a scroll in his mouth
Oriental tattoo of a devil face with a lotus flower on the right hand
Oriental tattoo of Buddha head with lotus flowers on the leg
Oriental tattoo of Torii on the back
Oriental tattoo of Buddha with a lotus flower on the left arm
Oriental tattoo of goddess Shakti on the back

In conclusion, these 15 images offer a glimpse into the soul of oriental tattoo art. They challenge us to read between the lines, to find the essence of stories told in ink. Consequently, this style remains a testament to tradition, each tattoo a brushstroke of history’s canvas.