Does tattoo hurt?

Girl making a tattoo on hand

What should I not do before tattooing?

At least 24 hours before getting a tattoo you should not drink alcohol, use any drugs, and most medication. You need to get rest, sleep and be full. Do not eat before tattooing for at least two to three hours. In the case of tiredness and fatigue you will not be able to be calm and concentrated during tattooing, you will probably be very reluctant because of increased sensitivity due to exhaustion, which can lead to dizziness.

Get a tattoo advertisement sign
Get a tattoo advertisement sign

Does it hurt?

Yes, tattooing hurts and anyone who says that it does not hurt is playing tough! Tattooing is an uncomfortable but tolerable treatment that most people endure without any problems. Many get scared and panic when they hear the sound of a tattoo machine and automatically connect and compare with the dentist. Tattooing causes an irritating sensation at moments similar to burning of hair, at moments of being scratched by something sharp, sometimes pinching and at moments of tickling. The full range of stimuli whose intensity depends on the place where you are tattooed, the length of your tattoo and your tolerance threshold, is vast. Most women compare pain intensities in tattooing with depilation with a depilator. It is usually unpleasant, similar to when something is very hot and itchy at the same time and at that moment you should not scratch or react to the source of stimuli. It can be said that the first tattoo is an inherent initiation, testing itself, it is unfavorable for some fifteen minutes at the very beginning, and then you get used to it and you can get tattooed for hours. While during the second tattooing session most of the people are no longer afraid or panic because they know what the feeling is.

Tattooing back and feeling pain
Tattooing back and feeling pain

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