The meanings of the 5 most popular female tattoos

The female tattoos and the expansion of body art was contributed by circuses in the early 20th century, which spread awareness of the beauty of tattooing around the world. They take on the status of art and increasingly resemble works of art. Each female tattoo has its own story, since you’ll have it for the rest of your life, so the motives are carefully chosen and created. However, most girls opt for some general meanings. Most common among them are:


Birds are among the most popular tattoos ever. They are selected to represent the widest range of human emotions, moods and thoughts. They carry a strong symbolism of freedom, change, the ease of life, but also unattainability, and the constant pursuit of heights and the unknown.

Black female tattoo of birds on the forearm
Black tattoo of birds on the forearm


Many star symbols depend on the number of arms it has. Symbols are lights in darkness, a reflection of hope, truth and faith in a better tomorrow, as well as the fight against the unknown and the dark. They embody the notion of divine truth and represent a glimmer of hope in hopelessness.

Black female tattoo of stars on the forearm
Black tattoo of stars on the forearm


Different flowers have different symbolism, depending on culture, tradition and belief. It mainly represents the embodiment of nature and a clear cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. Apart from the rose, the iris is the most symbolic flower. The popular stepmother is known for her serenity, her ability to cure “diseases of love.”

Color female tattoo of a rose above the hip
Color tattoo of a rose above the hip


Because of its short life, many ancient people considered him a symbol of impermanence. It represents physical beauty. The symbols are the love, flowers and spirits of the dead. They are also considered to be the protectors of women and warriors who fell in combat. In Greek mythology, the psyche was articulated on the wings of butterflies in art.

Color female tattoo of a butterfly on the calf
Color tattoo of a butterfly on the calf


The symbol of the sun is one of the most complex and powerful. It is one of the most important elements on which customs, beliefs, myths and legends rest. It represents fertility, vitality, passion, courage and eternal renewal of youth, light and knowledge. When looking at the popularity of tattoo symbols, keep in mind that they have different meanings in different cultures. The sun can further be a symbol of the heart, rosette or rose, lotus, sunflower and chrysanthemum.

Black female tattoo of a sun on the back of the neck
Black tattoo of a sun on the back of the neck