Meaning of clown tattoo 

The Meaning of Clown Tattoo is far more complex than simple comedy or laughter. People often associate clowns with fun, but tattoos featuring clowns can signify a variety of messages. In this blog post, we will explore the different meanings and symbolism of clown tattoos, as well as some examples and tips for choosing your own.

Why get a clown tattoo?

Clowns are often associated with entertainment and fun. They make people laugh and forget their troubles. Some people get clown tattoos to express their playful and cheerful personality. They may also want to show their love for comedy or circus culture.

Meaning of Clown Tattoo: The Dark Side

Similarly, there’s also the “dark clown” motif in tattoos. This version often resembles figures like the Joker, exemplifying chaos and anarchy. In contrast to the more benign clown images, dark clown tattoos symbolize a more sinister side of human nature. Therefore, this tattoo design can express a rebellion against social norms or highlight the complex layers of one’s personality.

Types of clown tattoos

There are many types of clown tattoos, each with its own meaning and style. Here are some of the most common ones:

Happy clown

If you love clowns and want to show it, a happy clown tattoo might be for you. A happy clown tattoo is a design that features a smiling clown face, usually with colorful makeup and hair. Some people choose to add other elements, such as balloons, flowers, or stars, to make their happy clown tattoo more fun and unique. A happy clown tattoo can symbolize joy, humor, or optimism. It can also be a tribute to a favorite clown character or performer. A happy clown tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body, but some popular spots are the arm, leg, chest, or back.

Sad clown

A sad clown tattoo is a way to express your feelings of sadness or loss. It can also show the contrast between your outward appearance and your inner emotions. Some people get a sad clown tattoo to cope with depression or to remind themselves to stay positive. A sad clown tattoo can have different meanings for different people, but it is usually a personal and meaningful design.


Jester tattoo is a popular choice for people who like to express their playful and humorous side. It usually features a jester’s hat, mask, or face, sometimes with bells, cards, or dice. Jester tattoos can have different meanings depending on the design and colors. Some people associate them with luck, mischief, or entertainment, while others see them as a symbol of wisdom, irony, or hidden emotions.


A joker clown tattoo is a way of expressing your dark side, your love for chaos, or your admiration for the iconic DC Comics villain. The joker is a complex character who has been portrayed by many actors and has a twisted relationship with Harley Quinn. A joker clown tattoo can also symbolize perseverance, rebellion, or luck, depending on how you interpret the card or the smile. There are many designs and styles to choose from, so you can find the one that suits your personality and vision.

Clown girl

A clown girl tattoo is a type of tattoo that features a female clown, usually with exaggerated makeup, colorful hair, and a playful or sinister expression. Some people get this tattoo to show their love of clowns, humor, or circus culture, while others get it to express their dark side, rebelliousness, or irony. A clown girl tattoo can be done in various styles, such as realistic, cartoonish, or abstract, and can be placed on any part of the body.

Clown skull

A clown skull tattoo is a type of ink that combines the elements of a clown and a skull. Some people choose this design to express their dark humor, their rebellious spirit, or their love for horror. A clown skull tattoo can be done in various styles, such as realistic, cartoonish, or abstract. The placement of the tattoo depends on the size and the level of detail of the design.

Tips for choosing your own clown tattoo

If you are thinking of getting a clown tattoo, here are some tips to help you choose the best one for you:

– Think about what you want your clown tattoo to mean. Do you want it to be positive or negative? Funny or scary? Simple or complex?

– Choose a style that matches your personality and preferences. Do you like realistic or cartoonish? Colorful or black and gray? Big or small?

– Find a reputable and experienced tattoo artist who can create your vision. Look at their portfolio and reviews, and ask for their advice and suggestions.

– Take good care of your tattoo after getting it done. Follow the instructions of your tattoo artist, and avoid sun exposure, swimming, or scratching.