Meaning and ideas for moth tattoo

A moth is a small insect whose tattoo is becoming increasingly popular among men and women. For a long time, people attributed many magical properties to moths. For many people, this insect symbolizes a messenger from other worlds who brings good news.

In ancient Mexico, it was believed that these small insects were created from heavenly bodies, which explains their desire to constantly fly to the light. And the short life of moths served as a kind of reminder to people that their lives are just as short.

In ancient Greece, on the contrary, the moth symbolizes immortality. At the same time, it was believed that Psyche, the heroine of Greek mythology, personifying the soul and immortality, had the same wings as this insect.

In Germany, the moth was considered a symbol of rebirth, a kind of blank slate, as the moth caterpillar eventually reincarnated into a butterfly.

In China, it was believed that the moth could bring full-fledged family happiness and harmony.

In Japan, the moth represents worldly beauty, and people who have a drawing of this insect on their bodies can see beauty in everything.

Such images, or tattoos, are usually chosen by women. A moth is a small and fragile insect. His image of a woman’s body only emphasizes her sophistication and grace.
However, men also often choose to get butterfly tattoos on their bodies. In this case, the image of these insects expresses their attitude to the world, to everything that surrounds them, namely: the desire for freedom and independence from everything.

For both men and women, the image of this insect on the body symbolizes a kind of amulet that protects its owner from various problems and evil spirits. It also helps to achieve success and brings happiness and stability to life. The moth symbolizes simplicity, childlike naivety, and the will and desire for freedom in a spiritual and physical sense.

Here are some inspirations for moth tattoos: