Intimate parts of the body and sexy tattoos. How does it work?

Where with a tattoo? This is one of the basic questions when considering this body ornament. Even though it’s your private matter and your own body, there are circumstances you should take into account. Some parts are absolutely out, others are so sensitive that it is not worth it with a needle…

Trends speak for themselves

Body spots, which are referred to as unpopular in the tattoo world, are, for example, above your bottom. If you have a question – why? – the answer is the over-use of this place, which came from its popularity. Not long ago, when most women wished for a tattoo had a bunch over their butts decorated. Similarly, the permanent drawings on the ankle or shoulder, but you should not distance yourself from these places altogether. Unless you fall into a cliché-like appearance of a female tattoo in the 90’s, for example, you can still be original. All it takes is for the “ink picture” to bring a piece of yourself.

The places that are currently experiencing their moment of fame are mainly the neck, back, the place behind the ear, instep on the foot, but also around the breast. However, there is still a possibility to hide it so that no one can see it except you and your partner, but the question now arises – is tattooing around intimate places safe?

A tattoo of butterfly around the breasts

Intimate tattoos: Tattoos down there

If you’re planning to hide a tattoo in your panties, there’s no need to be ashamed. Tattooers are used to such intimacy and, believe, that there are many more such courageous women than you might think. You could find a drawing on an undressed Kelly Osbourne or Angeline Jolie, who were brave for journalists.

A letter tattoo right above the coochie

However, bear in mind that tattooing in places close to intimate parts will be considerably more painful. These are parts that are more sensitive than others – the reasons associated with hormones and excitement you know – and the skin is softer. However, if you turn your buttocks and let color be injected there, then there is no need to worry too much. Although this is an intimate place, it is much less sensitive than a fur burger. In the end, intimate tattoos offer a unique blend of personal expression and aesthetic appeal, making them a meaningful choice for those willing to brave the extra discomfort.