History of tattoo

In some earlier times, tattoos were mostly synonymous with suspicious characters, bikers and sailors. Today, without any problems, they are classified as arts, and thus they are represented in such a way. For some people tattoos represent a lifestyle, to some they are temporary, to some permanent, to many a decoration and to others a ritual. Though it is constantly talked about the harmfulness of the ink under the skin, they experience incredible expansion.

Dot work tattoo of the lotus flower on the back
Lotus flower tattoo

In addition to serving as a way to decorate the body, tattoos are also a form of expression and a way to keep memories. The word “tattoo” comes from the polynesian word “ta” – draw, cross and tachyan words “tatau” – mark something. They are formed by applying paint under the skin using a needle. It is believed that the first tattoo was created by chance – the person was rubbing a wound with dirty hands from ashes, the ashes got into the wound and when the wound healed there was a permanent trace under the skin, or a tattoo.

Tattoo of a wolf, owl and girl on the left hand and tattoo of the girl smoking and holding a gun on the ribs.

Samuel O’Reilly, a tattoo artist from New York, used Edison’s tattoo pen. He adapted the pen to his needs and patented it in 1891. In this way, the first tattoo machine was created that used a similar principle as today’s machines.

Color tattoo of a animated girl with hat
Color tattoo