Hidden meaning of clock without pointers tattoo: Why criminals choose it

Clock without pointers tattoo is a common tattoo among criminals, but what does it actually mean?

The Meaning Behind the Tattoo

The clock without pointers tattoo can symbolize the wearer’s lack of regard for time or the notion of being “timeless.” It can also signify a life spent behind bars, with time being meaningless.

Why Criminals Choose It

For criminals, the clock without pointers tattoo can also be a way to show their toughness and disdain for authority. It can also indicate a willingness to do time in prison or even a reminder of past crimes committed.


While the meaning behind the clock without pointers tattoo may vary, it’s important to note that getting any tattoo with criminal connotations can have serious consequences. It’s essential to think carefully before getting inked with a symbol that could negatively impact your future.