Ultimate meaning of the dolphin, sun and anchor tattoos

Dolphin tattoo

Dolphin tattoos are very symbolic. Dolphins are considered intelligent creatures that symbolize friendship, good intentions and joy. They have universal appeal and are considered a very smart animal. However beautiful and attractive the dolphins are, the beautifully crafted dolphin tattoos are hard to find. Some find that, for some reason, dolphin tattoos often look bad.

Dolphin tattoo on the arm
Dolphin tattoo on the arm

The meaning of the dolphin tattoo

Dolphins have a rich symbolic history. They have been admired and praised for centuries. The Celts were the first whose culture honored dolphins. In ancient Celtic art, they signified progress and wisdom. Because the dolphins live in the sea, the Celts thought that socializing with them marks a new beginning in life as well as rejuvenation. The Ancient Greeks also included dolphins in their mythology. In Greek legends, dolphins led human souls to the “island of the blessed” after death. The dolphin was viewed by the Greeks as a mystical figure bound by a spiritual connection to the sea and the entire universe. They considered it a good sign if the dolphins were following the boat. Some people also see dolphins as representatives of Jesus Christ. They are a symbol of new life, just as there is a belief that Jesus came and brought new life to the earth on earth.

Tattoo meanings

Dolphin tattoos have different meanings for humans, but there are still some similarities. They can mean a desire for spirituality, dignity, wisdom and balance in life. Many people tattoo a dolphin image to remind themselves what kind of person they want and need to be. It can also mean freedom and playfulness. A dolphin tattoo cheerfully sailing through the depths of the sea signifies one’s free spirit and independence. For some people, the dolphin tattoo may not have special symbolism; they are tattooed because they are cute and the very act of looking at them makes them smile.

Demographic of dolphin tattoos

These tattoos are equally used by men and women. Women usually opt for tattoos on the wrist, lower back and navel, while in men it is generally the shoulder, lower leg or upper back. Men usually combine dolphin tattoos with mysticism and serious art, while in women it is generally some combination with flowers. Dolphin symbols are often combined with other symbols such as the moon, sun, stars, waves, Jin-Yang, heart and the like. Of course, the combination of dolphins and unicorns is a classic combination and can be considered the epic duet of all time.

Sun tattoos

Sun tattoo on the feet
Sun tattoo on the feet

Sun tattoo is a reflection of the deep natural symbolism of the sun in major cultures around the world. It’s meaning is worshiped as the personification of the life-giving deity in Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman and almost every other great civilization in history. Sun or Sun figures are almost always dominant within the pantheons and their belief systems. Almost every culture in its myths explains how the sun came into being, and the myth of the apocalypse says that the complete end of the world is when the sun disappears completely and disappears. The myths of many cultures interpret sunrise and sunset as recurring as the cycle of light and darkness, that is, life and death, regeneration and reincarnation.

The meaning of sun tattoos

The most common symbol of the sun is a circle with the rays of the sun emanating from the perimeter. The point in the middle of the circle symbolizes the mixing of male and female forces. The sun is usually considered a male symbol and the moon and earth as a female, so you will often find the sun paired with the moon and the earth. For millennia, the sun is believed to be the center of the universe, around which all other celestial bodies are located. The sun is also a symbol of royal and divine power, which has been adopted by secular and religious authority.

As a symbol and design chosen for the tattoo, the sun represents fertility, vitality, passion, courage and eternal renewal of youth, light and knowledge. The sun can be a symbol of the heart, rosette or rose, lotus, sunflower and chrysanthemum. Searching for the most popular tattoos will show an incredible correlation with the symbols mentioned.

Anchor tattoo

Anchor is a symbol of faithfulness, hope and salvation and is tattooed by those who have decided to “root” or start a family.An anchor was considered a symbol of salvation in ancient times, and in Christianity it was adopted as a symbol of hope for future existence. This symbol also indicates the will to be free to move about in a life without relationships, but always keep an eye on one person or place that will never leave you, even if you are physically away from them.

Anchor tattoo on the arm
Anchor tattoo on the arm

Those who choose to tattoo a Navy anchor signifies a person’s ability to return home, to be able to recognize the moment when it is good to stop. Psychologists believe that a man who has an anchor tattoo is a symbol of faith, hope and salvation. The meaning of tattoos

If you forgot, Popeye also had one anchor on each arm, and if you didn’t know, Winston Churchill had an anchor on his right biceps.

The meaning of anchor tattoos

Although it is clear to everyone today that anchor tattoos are mostly owned by sailors, but other tattoos were important to them hundreds of years ago. Namely, apart from the anchor, which is a symbol of love for the sea, every tattoo on a sailor’s body was a kind of document by which he could be identified. Each seafarer in the 17th century gave his captain a detailed list and description of all his tattoos so he could be identified in the event of a shipwreck or other accident. Navy around the world is still listing their members’ tattoos for the same reason.