Best tattoo application techniques

These days tattoos are more common than they have been in the past. It means there are also many different tattoo application techniques. Tattoos are known to be pictures or markings on the skin such as letters, symbols that are applied via a needle injecting ink into the outer layer of the skin. The needle is attached to a tattoo gun which moves the needle up and down at a high speed so that it can easily puncture the skin.

There are many variations of tattoo guns of which many use a sharp needle. Some guns use more than just one needle, although they are much less precise compared to the one needle guns. Tattoo guns with one needle are mostly used for tattoo applications, but the needles must be changed after each session. Repeated usage of used and not disinfected tattoo needles can lead to nasty infections.

Some tattoos are called the “jailhouse tattoos.” These are usually created and found in prisons and are made using homemade tattoo guns. Typically they are made out of ink pens as substitution for needles and batteries. These tattoos normally lead to infections due to their unsafe nature. The jailhouse tattoo guns, unlike the normal guns, inject the ink too deep while pulling and rupturing the skin.

Prison tattoo gun
Prison tattoo gun

Due to the ripping of skin, the tattoos look horrible many times. The fact that the ink goes too deep into the skin is bad because it can cause infections. Plus it usually just looks terrible, especially if it gets into the third layer of skin. For these reasons jailhouse tattoos should be avoided if possible.

Color is very important when it comes to tattoos. Most common colors are white and black, on the other hand many other colors are used as well. For a tattoo to look nice it has to be balanced in size and color. If you incorporate your tattoo to sooth your body, it’ll look even better.

From a technical point of view, micro pigment implantation is involved in tattoo application. Tattoos are usually decorative but can be symbolic as well. Tattoos have existed for eons, albeit in the past they used everyday needles and ink. Causing a high risk of infection. Even though tattoos are well liked and popular they still have risks. Each and every type of application puts you at a risk of contracting an infection.

The most common method of tattooing is using electronic tattoo machines. The electronic tattoo guns use a group of needles that are attached to a bar.The speed of this gun helps the needles enter the skin thousands of times a minute. Usage of this type of gun can yield in some amazing tattoo pieces. When it comes to tattoo artists, experience is always the way. An experienced tattoo artist can create a true masterpiece of a tattoo.