Best places for tattoos

It’s your body and even if you want to have your toe tattooed or have a tattoo on your earlobe, it’s your decision. Experienced tattooers, however, recommend that you consider the placement of a tattoo on your body. You should not only think about how it’ll look like in one year, but how it will look like in ten years, for example.

So which places are perfect for tattoos?

Collar Bone

If you are considering a tattoo in the chest area, the tattooers agree that the ideal place is the clavicle. Here, the skin is usually the least exposed to the sun and changes the least in the aging process. Even after years your tattoo will look like new.

Black tattoo of planets on the collar bone
Black tattoo of planets on the collar bone

The inner part of the hand

The first choice when choosing a place for tattooing is in most cases the outer part of the shoulder. Again, however, we recommend choosing a place more protected from the sun, such as the inner arm.

Color tattoo of flowers on the inner part of the hand
Color tattoo of flowers on the inner part of the hand

Your back

The back is mostly covered with clothing, so it is the best place for a tattoo. The work of art will not fade and will remain new for a long time. In addition, the back represents a large area where one can fancy and pass the imagination.

Oriental tattoo on the back
Oriental tattoo on the back


Even in this case, the thighs are usually well hidden from the sun. If you think we encourage you to hide all your tattoos, it’s not like that. If you decide to have a tattoo in a visible and unprotected place, remember to always apply a layer of sunscreen.

Tattoo on thighs
Tattoo on thighs

Hair line

Especially in women, the tattoo lasts longer if it is under the hairline or if a woman has long hair then it could be placed  under her hair. Hair also hides the tattoo from the sun and prevents fading.

Lotus black tattoo in hair line
Lotus tattoo in hair line


If you choose to tattoo your rib area, you should be careful not to interfere too much with the abdomen. This is especially true for women, because tattoos can change shape considerably during pregnancy.

Flower color tattoo on the ribs
Tattoo on ribs

Shoulders and calves

Why exactly these areas? Because they’re affected by aging  the least. If you get a tattoo on your stomach, it can change over time, while the tattoo on your calves and shoulders resists a little more time.

Color tattoo on shoulder and calves
Color tattoo on shoulder and calves

The Belly

As we have already mentioned, the belly is subjected to changes not only in aging but also in pregnancy. So if you decide for a stomach tattoo, you should first consult an experienced tattooist.

Big black tattoo of a butterfly and bell on the belly
Big black tattoo on the belly


Places on the body, such as elbows, wrists, or knees, are not very suitable for tattoos. The skin stretches in the most common movements, making it harder to heal the tattoo and almost certainly change its shape after a short time. A tattoo can even crack.

Small black tattoo of anchor on the hand folds
Tattoo on the hand folds

Hands and fingers

Since we wash our hands most often, changes to the skin occur faster than on other parts of the body, and tattoos can fade and worsen in lower quality. Tattoos on the fingers, palms or backs of the hands seem good, but only for a very short time. Fading and changing of the tattoos begin almost immediately after healing.

Tattoo on the fingers
Tattoo on the fingers


The worst places for tattoos are feet and ankles. Thanks to socks and shoes, they are exposed to friction much more than other parts of the body, and you can be almost certain that your tattoo will need minor adjustments over time. In addition, infection can easily get into the tattoo during the treatment period.

Color tattoo on the feet
Color tattoo on the feet


Even ear tattoos may be trendy but impractical. It will not stay in the skin for too long and re-adjustments are needed after a short time. So if you do not want to visit a tattooer regularly because of one tattoo, we recommend that you think about it.

Small black tattoo on the ear
Tattoo on the ear