Rules for good price of tattoo

Watercolor tattoo of a Golden Snitch on the back

After taking the step and choosing a design, you’re faced with a grueling decision, the budget. The price of tattoos has always been on the expensive side. Some bigger ones can go as high as a couple of thousand dollars. When you find the studious that are within your budget, you’re still not done yet. There are some important decisions to be made.

Biomechanical tattoo on the whole upper body
Biomechanical tattoo on the whole upper body

The most pondered question, right after the design, is the cost of the tattoo. Despite them being sometimes extortionate, you’re still able to get them. Usually, people save up money before getting a tattoo, financially preparing themselves for it. With an average job, it can take only just a few months for you to save up. The result will be that when you finally get the desired tattoo, you’ll be more than prepared and will have more than enough to spare.

In the tattoo world, money can get you anything, you just have to be willing to pay enough. Normally for your own designs, tattoo artists may charge you anywhere from 30 to 250 dollars an hour. Getting the tattoo designed for you will end up costing you more. The expense of the tattoo increases in correlation with the size of the tattoo, and even placements on the body can bump up the price drastically. You’d pay somewhere around 15 000$ for a full back tattoo!

3D Black tattoo of a bear and nature on the back
3D Black tattoo of a bear and nature on the back

The best thing you can do before commiting to one studio is to check all available ones and look at the designs you like and compare prices. The utmost priority should always be safety and the overall cleanliness of the studio. After finding a hygienic studio, it is important to meet the artist and see how friendly they are. Quality should never be sacrificed over price, even though you may find the same designs for lover prices at other parlors, they may not be as good as in the pricier ones.

Despite catching a cheaper studio, you should never rush to get a tattoo strictly for a cheap price. A cheap tattoo may sound good, yes, but as with everything else, the price many times indicates the quality. High price not only indicates quality work, but usually better hygienic standards.

Man making a tattoo on the hand
Man making a tattoo on the hand

After everything is done, you have chosen your studio and got your tattoo, a tip to your tattoo artist is always going to be appreciated.If you’re treated exceptionally and you’re content with the work, you should return the favor and give your tattoo artist a tip. As a small token of appreciation. Tattooing for hours on end is grueling and painstaking work for both of you.

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